Hi, I'm Alec.

I'm a recent graduate of UC Berkeley currently working as a trader in in Philadelphia. During my time as an undergrad, I studied Statistics, Data Science and Economics. I love to argue, am an avid tennis player, and can recite the first eighty-one digits of π. Below is a deeper look at me, my interests, and my experiences, but if you'd like to learn even more, I'm available at alec.kan@berkeley.edu.


University of California, Berkeley

B.A. Statistics - 2016 - 2020

B.A. Data Science - 2016 - 2020

B.A. Economics (Honors) - 2016 - 2020

Advisor: Ray Hawkins
Thesis: Efficiency, Bias, and Decisions; Observations from Sports Betting Exchanges


CS 88 - Undergraduate Student Instructor: Lead weekly labs and developed assignments and exams covering higher-order functions, recursion, data structures, and object-oriented programming in Python


Advisor: Ray Hawkins
Optimizing economic rules by examining international monetary policies and their effects using PID Control

Canfield High School

2012-2016: Summa Cum Laude



Linear Algebra
Differential Equations
Multivariate Calculus
Probability Theory
Statistics Theory
Time Series
Game Theory

Computer Science

Computational Structures
Data Structures
Principles and Techniques of Data Science
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning


Global Poverty and Impact Evaluation


Susquehanna International Group

Quantitative Trader Intern - Philadelphia, PA - Summer 2019

Learned concepts of option pricing theory as well as poker through lectures and open outcry mock trading sessions
Assisted and shadowed traders on the Macro Trading Desk, and conducted a quantitative research project
Utilized natural language processing and machine learning techniques to examine and classify news headlines

UC Berkeley Division of Data Sciences

Team Lead - Berkeley, CA - 2017 - 2020

Work alongside Berkeley faculty members to better integrate data science into the classroom
Lead team developing data science modules for History 159B and Rhetoric 1A and teach material in lecture
Created course content for UC Berkeley’s LS88 – Sports Analytics Data Science Connector

Cred (Barclays/Techstars Accelerator)

Data Science Intern - Tel Aviv, Israel - Summer 2018

Matched and tagged equities to create more personalized wealth management portfolios based on individual traits
Worked on back-end development and creation of Cred API for use by financial institutions
Improved scoring algorithm that rates equities on their compatibility with individual portfolios

Morgan Stanley

Intern - Youngstown, OH - Summer 2017

Created client reports as part of the wealth management division
Ran portfolio assessments for brokers at the firm
Collaborated with coworkers to help optimize and organize portfolios
Created filters to better analyze data in order to better monitor investment decisions


I'm good with data, public speaking, and some of the stuff below.



Midwest Trading Competition

Third Place Winner at the premier algorithmic trading competition in the US hosted by Trading Technologies and the University of Chicago

Flow Traders Summer Business Course

Selected to participate in a highly selective program designed to provide an introduction to the world of quantitative trading and market making

Citadel Data Open

Selected to compete in a data science competition hosted by Citadel and Correlation One

United States University Debating Championship

Tenth Place in Novice Debate at the 2017 national championship tournament

Ohio Speech and Debate Association

Fifth Place Speaker in International Extemp at 2015 State Finals


Debate Society of Berkeley

Vice President & Varsity Debater

Compete in intercollegiate competitions in British Parliamentary and American Parliamentary Debate Formats
Tenth Place Novice Debater at 2017 United States University Debating Championship

TAMID Group at Berkeley

West Coast Director (National Education Committee) & Consultant

Lead new member education of consulting and investment for TAMID member schools on the West Coast
Provide strategy and development solutions for Israeli tech startups


Recent Updates

Fall 2020

Excited to have the opportunity to begin my career as a Quantitative Trader at Susquehanna International Group.